Bionatural Solutions Wee On Urinal Screen Toilet Block



The Wee OnTM Urinal Screen is a urinal screen containing a water soluble bio-block that disinfects and deodorizes men’s urinals. These bio-blocks are made with natural and friendly bacteria that digest urine, uric salt, ammonia and organic matter. This process prevents urinal blockages and nasty smells. Unlike traditional Urinal Screens, Wee On breaks down urine and related waste products down to water and basic minerals preventing blockages and build-ups. The Wee OnTM Screens contain a natural bubblegum fragrance that deodorizes and freshens the urinal. Wee On is GECA approved and is a preferable natural alternative to nasty toilet blocks.


Quantity per carton: 1 urinal screen
GECA approved eco-friendly
Bio-bacterial technology
Fragrance: bubblegum
Made in Australia

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